• Creative Director & Graphic Designer

Corey and I have collaborated on many Corporate Identity projects over the years. With a focus on CEO communications, Corey is in a unique position to be tapped into directly by executives and corporate comms. Often, Corey is on high-profile or private projects without the security net of CS colleagues to collaborate with. Corey excels in this role because of his clear and direct communication style and because of his impeccable attention to detail. The business impact of Corey's projects are far-reaching. Corey has become the go-to for these types of projects because of the level of trust he's built up with his colleagues. Your "early and often" communication style and your attention to detail mean that your work is consistently high quality and deadlines are always met. One thing you have mastered is the ability to evaluate a project based on the business priorities and time constraints, and adjust the creative approach accordingly. Your =understanding of the enterprise benefits your creative work immensely; you knows the broader implications of your work and don't design in a vacuum.
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