• Creative Director & Graphic Designer

V **P****
Corey demonstrates the Boeing Values in all he does. He's an especially attentive and effective listener, showing respect for his peers and customers, and he champions diverse perspectives, cultivating an inclusive environment. Corey's designs are always fresh, creative and aligned with project goals. He does the research, which lends to timely, efficient and effectively executed results. In addition to being pleasant to work with and always willing to collaborate on fresh approaches, Corey has an excellent work ethic and always gives his best to any project. He takes the time to understand the goal and key messages, and he does the research. His work is purposeful and always on point. His first-time quality proves itself in the efficiency with which he executes projects and obtains approvals with little to no changes. He's not afraid to ask for feedback and then to act on it. He's also willing to listen and provide feedback. I look forward to future projects and opportunities to collaborate with Corey.
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