• Creative Director & Graphic Designer

Corey is a key partner to us in Finance Comms, helping us stay connected to and consistent with Leadership Comms. Corey often suggests different approaches to a project to help us prepare for future changes, stay in line with industry best practices or set ourselves up for more success in the long-term. He’s not just concerned about closing out each job—he keeps an eye on the 30,000 foot level and how each project fits into our larger goals. Corey just gets it. Our working environment and the demands placed on us by our stakeholders are unusual but also unrelenting. This business acumen is an additional layer of added value that others in similar creative roles lack. Corey uses this acumen to help us balance our needs with what is ideal from a creative perspective, often with the knowledge that we can’t have it all for any given project. I think Corey’s ability to help us evaluate these factors would make him a great people manager or mentor for other creatives who haven’t had the “in the field” experience of working in the Chicago office. Quality graphic design support is a critical tool in any communicator’s toolbox. We rely on Corey to help deliver ideas and output that accurately and creatively convey our executives’ and organization’s messages. Without his help, we would be measurably less effective in our roles. Corey delivers on-time or often early with first-time quality. He is able to stay focused on each project like it’s the only one on his plate (even though I definitely know that it isn’t). Corey takes the extra time to understand each unique project and challenge to help us find the right approach.  He understands that collaboration is a constant dialogue and two-way street. Corey doesn’t wince at any challenge, no matter how crazy on the surface!  Corey goes above and beyond his responsibilities to help us better understand Creative Services, which enables us to do our jobs better.
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