• Creative Director & Graphic Designer

You are one of the most responsive people I’ve worked with and you always have a positive attitude. Please keep that up! We always like working with you so our team tends to lean toward calling you. The visuals you create are helping modernize our business. For so long Boeing had a very 2D, monochromatic look and feel but in recent years you’ve help break from the corporate stereotype. You always provide first time quality but if there is ever an edit we have, you are quick to make it and send back a new version. There have been many times where we want a product to appear one way and you suggest a different look/feel/functionality that ends up working better, something we always appreciate because we wouldn’t have thought to create it that way. Your work is always timely – I usually have to tell you there is no rush so you don’t drop what you’re doing for us! I think you’re wonderful to work with and you have a great eye for detail.
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