• Creative Director & Graphic Designer

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Retail Packaging Design

Retail Packaging Design 

Retail Packaging Design of Label and 2 packs

Retail Packaging Design of Label and Box

Brand logo design, product packaging

Design of custom POP and supporting collateral. Displayed across the USA in a number of retail outlets

B2B Packaging Design of Label and Box with supporting literature

Complete line of air care & insecticide aerosols

A few examples of a complete product packaging and brand design. Over 150 SKU's designed and art directed

Packaging and POP design for award winning product

Complete Sprayway automotive line design 20+ SKUs

Design of product packaging, POPs, ads and supporting collateral

Complete Sprayway brand and packaging design line design 150+ SKUs

Custom invite for Chicago Tall Ships

Custom suite menu for Levy Restaurants

Custom promo kit and invite 

Custom promo kit and invite 
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Project Details

Various product packaging, POP and supporting collateral examples. Over 400 SKUs designed, 360 brand campaigns, POP displays, trade show graphics, custom invites, etc. Ask me about the 1000+ private label CPG, retail & B2B packaging designs that I have created.

  • Agency: PLZ
  • Art Direction: Corey Gers
  • Corey Gers: Art Director | Graphic Designer
  • Graphic Designer: Corey Gers
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