• Creative Director & Graphic Designer

S **M**
Corey has excellent ideas and vision that would make all Boeing presentations precise - particularly for external Boeing representations. Corey should keep up the great work! He is a pleasure to work with. Corey delivers first time quality. His creativity is unrivaled and therefore highly sought after at the most senior level of our company. The turnaround time for any project always exceeds expectations and he is willing to go the extra mile to meet demands. Corey is able to take a quick tagup phone call to discuss the vision, direction, purpose of a project and turn it around into a well thought out masterpiece that represents the [company/leader/org] at highest quality for both internally and external audiences. Corey is able to impeccably design models that accurately depict cumbersome systems or messaging. He is uniquely able to create a cohesive product that depicts the company / organization's mission at a high level as well as visually create detailed scenarios on a page. His talents have created streamlined communications for senior leaders to relay effectively to BOD, EXCO and external customers/peer companies and stakeholders. It is apparent that he truly cares about the quality of his work. Additionally, his creativity translates to our employees readily. Corey enthusiastically strives to improve and is always open to tailor designs with even the most minor edits to best suit the audience.
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