• Creative Director & Graphic Designer

Corey, we have worked together on some great projects! I always appreciated the great attitude you brought to whatever (often times more theoretical than actualized) design dilemma I brought your way. Your work is consistent, strong and clear. Overall, I was always proud to show your great work to our business partners and appreciated your teamwork in the process. Your overall impact on the business is clear in the designed products we circulate internally and externally -- work speaks for itself! Your work was always delivered with thorough quality and I was always proud to show it to my business partners. You also helped with a timely response or were clear about the boundaries to your time, which I always appreciated. This helped me communicate those needs to my teams, setting a realistic and reasonable limits when needed. One of the best values you exhibited is being accountable from beginning to the end on each project. I also always appreciated that you would take our projects beyond the finish line -- even ready to adapt materials for reuse beyond it's first goal and make our work better and stronger. You also collaborate with the ultimate humility, leading from your strengths in art direction through design and beyond.
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