• Creative Director & Graphic Designer

I think you’re doing great work in support of some of our most challenging internal customers up to and including our president and CEO. In order to maintain and/or improve your level of performance, I would suggest that you continue doing what you do so well… first-time quality, customer-service mindset, agility when priorities change, proactive support and conscientious follow up. Put simply, we can’t do what we do in support of the business if you don’t do what you do so well. We’re often in situations in which we have little advanced notice or control. Despite, that you deliver results time and again. Because of your approach to and quality of work, we’re better able to support senior company leadership… a calling that surely impacts our business in a positive way. When it comes to quality, creativity and timeliness, you routinely meet and/or exceed our expectations. You’re intellectually invested in each of the projects on which we work together, never settling for adequate work. And since we work shoulder-to-shoulder, you have a distinct insight into and appreciation for the deadlines and pressures that come with supporting senior company leadership. In fact, you earned an award for your modeling of the Boeing Behaviors earlier this year at the Communications Excellence Awards… an accolade unanimously endorsed by the Communications Leadership Team. In addition to my first-hand experience working with you on a number of projects, I hear nothing but appreciation and positive reviews for your work with our Leadership Communications team (which, of course, represents the bulk of our work together). Without question, you are an integral member of the team.
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